The Human Dollz

Human Dollz is a project by Barking Dogs United
Nikos Arvanitis, Naomi Tereza Salmon 2009

What are they? An art or a design object? A band? A ballet? Icons? A Bauhaus irony?

Inspired by Oskar Schlemmers “Triadic Ballet” from 1922, three exceptional figures are motioning themselves in costumes, which were manufactured entirely out of items found at hardware stores.

The group „Human Dollz“ consists of Pyramid Doll, Sphere Doll, and Cube Doll, and is active in the fields of music, video, performance and fashion.

For their videos, the Human Dollz use diverse Bauhaus locations, such as the Gropius office at the Van-De-Velde Building of the Bauhaus University, the Memorial for the Märzgefallene, and the “Haus am Horn” in Weimar, or Oskar Schlemmers Meisterhaus and the Bauhaus stage in Dessau, as well as the Bauhaus archive in Berlin.

In their videos, the three human dolls hatch into the roles prescribed to them by the existing spatial situations. They try to experience history in the Bauhaus locations themselves, and relive them according to their own interpretation.

„Human Dollz“ is an artistic project, as a feature of the Bauhauslab 09 festival.


Concept + Realisation: Barking Dogs United
Costume production: Ann-Katrin Rudorf, BDU
Camera: Benedikt Braun, Max Albrecht
Video editing: Max Albrecht, Benedikt Braun
Graphics: Max Albrecht
Music: Nikos Arvanitis
Singing: Naomi Tereza Salmon
Lyrics: Naomi Tereza Salmon, Nikos Arvanitis

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