vuvuzela filter for ableton live

someone had a great idea on how to filter out vuvuzelas from a live TV signal.
like everything else, it can of course also be done in ableton live. i took a EQ Eight Effect, punched in the frequencies Mr. Tube provided and also put it in a nice little effect rack. that way, you there is even a “Kill Vuvuzela” knob to turn up for you.

feel free to download the result:

download vuvuzela filter

(it is an old-school Ableton Live 7 project. i never used tis fancy new sharing features because i have not upgraded my licence yet. maybe someone with version 8 wants to that.)

a note:

  • i don’t watch football
  • you probably need an good soundcard for this, or a virtual audio device to route the audio to Ableton Live, depending on how you receive the TV signal or stream.
  • some folks have asked for a open source/free version of this. while i would like to see it, it does not make much sense because the open source audio world is even more fractioned, so you can’t really help more than a handful of people per implementation. also, you don’t really “need” any premade solution, all the work of finding out and writing down the right frequencies was done by the Guy who wrote the article i linked to. anybody who already deals with linux audio should be able to do this in less than 15 minutes.

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